Race Results 2018


22nd Nov: Whilst most runners were from the UK, there were also plenty from all around Europe with a total of 267 competitors aiming to complete the four days with more planning to undertake a few of the races. The first race at 1500hrs was a 6 Km time trial that started at the hotel beach front over a mostly tarmac route with some elements of trail towards the end. Each runner sets off in their race number order 10 seconds apart and requires skill and judgement of pace over the race distance. An enjoyable fast course, although a strong head wind added to the obstacles with the finish taking us over a particularly rough stretch in front of a dramatic view of a shipwreck.

23 Nov: The second day of the Challenge involved the 11km mountain run which started at 0930 by the sea at the beginning of the Akamas National Park, running immediately uphill and continuing as a steady climb for 6km. The first 4km was a rocky climb up to an old barn building where the drink station was positioned; from there the path became smoother. At 6km there was a steep descent for 1km before climbing again, with a short steep uphill around 9km. Approaching Paon Arodes the route leveled off, going slightly downhill until the 500ft climb up through the village to finish in the pretty church square.

The first half of the run was hard in the heat but it cooled as we climbed with some occasional cloud cover helping to reduce the extremes of the heat. It was easier to walk on the steeper part of the course rather than trying to run small steps; the trick being to power walk instead which meant less exertion and the ability to overtake people who were still trying to run. Of course, knowing when to start running again was key and could make a big difference. The ice cream van at the finish after a 2100ft climb had a captive market to sell to and it made a change to the standard water and banana!

24th Nov: Day three was the mixed terrain half marathon which was also open to participants who were not completing the full challenge. The race started at 0930 in the town square of Neo Chorio and continued out of the town through a narrow up hill street and out into the olive fields. The route climbed gently on a concrete road where it then turned into a trail and climbed steeply to the 4km point. From here it dropped sharply on a wide, rough, rock strewn trail with many switchback bends until reaching the coast road at 9km. From here the route was on a wide jeep track that undulates around various coastal bays until it passes Lara Bay. Towards the end it was relatively flat but with a finish on the beach, I found the sand sapping the last vestiges of energy I had.

It was a tricky course with the initial 750 ft climb at the start being a good reminder of the previous day's race in case you had blanked the memory. The downhill stretch was good for pace but is so long and a little bit treacherous that you use different muscle groups which results in a shock to the legs once you reach sea level and attempt adjusting to the undulating trail. It was a cool start in the village but by the time you have descended 1800ft to the coast the heat of the day kicks in so the regular water stops were a definite requirement. At the end, there is the option to take a dip in the sea to give your legs a well earned cool down, oh and more ice cream!

25th Nov: The final race of the Challenge is the 10Km road race. Starting at 0800 in front of the ancient castle in the picturesque harbour, the early start is required due to the Paphos half marathon also takin place that day! The mainly flat course takes you through Kato Paphos and the beach front hotel district then out to the main airport road before returning to finish with a sprint past the pleasure boats back at the medieval castle. Both the Half Marathon and the 10K road race are open to anyone who hasn't competed in the challenge and another 60 runners all on fresh legs joined in on the road race so the field was noticeably larger at the start. Despite the early start the sun soon warmed everything up for the race although it did cloud over a little towards the latter stages. I found the warm up quite difficult as by now my legs had carried me over varying terrain and quite high mileage. My calfs were certainly complaining and my right hamstring was to prove troublesome! At the end of the race a celebratory beer (or three!) is supplied by the local brewery as well as the standard water, raisins and half a banana.

Overall a fantastic event, very well organised with coach transfers to the starts and from the finishes back to the hotel where you can be by the pool before lunch - beer optional! The atmosphere is great and it all culminates with a Gala dinner where the awards are presented and if you can manage it there is a disco after some local entertainment!

Organised by - Arena sports

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Thanks to Andy Barlex for his Report.

16th/17th Nov - Rutland Night Run Rutland Water, Multi-Terrain.  **NEW**

10km out and back course from Normanton to Whitwell in the dark. What more do you want? It turned out so popular they ended up doing it over 2 nights

Jane Winter and myself had entered the Saturday night, where we met former STR member Tracy Parr. Race entry included chip timing and a glow stick, all part of the night time fun. After the briefing you were allowed to start anytime over the next 15 minutes, after a few 100 metres of uneven ground, was soon on the wide path around Rutland Water. Pass Normanton Church all light up in pink, then onto the dam, not that you could tell as it was so dark. Thank goodness for head torch. Turnaround at Whitwell then back.

Finish to receive a nice medal, with drinks and mince pies available in the restaurant. Finish Times: Alistair Whitaker 1:01:04 & Jane Winter 1:02:12. Lisa Hobson had competed on the Friday Night 46:56.

Over 400 runners on each night and was a great atmosphere, so definitely recommend.

Thanks to Alistair Whitaker for his Report.

7th Nov - Belton Parkrun Lincolnshire, Multi-Terrain. 

Jane was marshalling and Fred was cheering everyone on; we outnumbered Sleaford Striders (just saying). Jack Huxtable 19:40, Carl Winwood 25:19, Kim Ulysses 27:54, Katie Huxtable 29:00, Jayne MacArthur 29:57 & Meg Smith 30:29

17th Nov - Conwy Parkrun Wales, Multi-Terrain. 

Charlie Leeson 26:10.

Thanks to Jane Winter for submitting the results.

15th Nov - Henlow 10 Bedfordshire, Road. 

A good and hard 10 mile road race, bused to the start and then pretty much run back to RAF Henlow up hill for 10 miles, I think there are a couple of downhills but I pretty much forgot about them.

3 STR runners took part with differing results. Gary Britnell 1:11:52 finish position 45 (new 10 mile PB by 6 minutes 30 seconds) Andy Barlex 1:23:49 finish position 90 (new 10 mile personal worst!!) Carl Winwood 1:26:06 finish position 97 (coming back to form slowly).

Thanks to Gary Britnell for his Report.

10th Nov - Belton Parkrun Lincolnshire, Multi-Terrain.  

Jack Huxtable 19:17, Fred Smith 24:00, Carl Winwood 25:04, Jayne MacArthur 28:30, Katie Huxtable 29:05 & Meg Smith 31:05.

10th Nov - Newcastle Parkrun Multi-Terrain (but mainly tarmac)

An undulating course with over 700 participants. There were pacers but when the 28 pacer that I was trying to follow overtook the 29 pacer at around the 2km mark I realised that they were not the most experienced pacers ever.

Jane Winter 29:19.

3rd November - Belton Parkrun Lincolnshire, Multi-Terrain.

Jack Huxtable 19:35, Charlie Leeson 24:43, Gary Britnell 24:44, Michal Nizler 26:58, Katie Huxtable 29:10, Jayne MacArthur 29:11, Mark Ellis 29:53, Lisa Shona 29:54, Al Whitaker 30:26 & Jane Winter 33:52.

Thanks to Jane Winter for submitting the reports.

28th Oct - Worksop Half Marathon Worksop, Nottinghamshire, Road.  

Four Sleaford Town Runners attended this event. Mark Ellis, Michal Nizler and Jane Winter were running for themselves and Lisa Shona was guiding Mark. Because this is billed as the Halloween half marathon three of us had dressed up; Lisa as a very fetching cat, myself as a bad fairy and Michal .... well, more of Michal later. Lisa, Mark and I had arrived in very good time and had time for a hot drink and several toilet breaks before we needed to make our way to the start line. There we joined the back of the queue as that is the safest place for Mark to start and in my case because that is more or less where I belong! We couldn't see Michal so assumed that he must be at the front.

Lisa and Mark soon disappeared from my view as they steadily picked off groups of slower runners. Meanwhile, I found that the uphill stretches were taking their toll on my pace although I was able to use the downhill runs to overtake a few people who seemed to run the same pace going downhill as they did up!

About two thirds of the way round I began to hear a strange creaking sound which got louder and louder until I was joined by Michal who seem to have sprouted a nun (who did not look very happy with the arrangement). As he had had trouble parking he had missed the start of the race and found the timing mat had been dismantled ....... nevertheless, he still managed to catch me up! It was lovely to run with him for a while, although before long the differences in our respective pace began to tell and I was able to watch people in front turning around in amazement as he overtook them!

Most of the race took place through Clumber park and the scenery was stunning. The sun shone on the autumn colours and also created wonderful shadows with the twigs and leaves. There was understandably considerably less public support than for the Nottingham half marathon though. Personally I found that this, combined with the hills, made it a very tough race indeed and I felt completely drained even after I could stop running at the end. It was great to hear what a great race Mark and Lisa had had though and they looked more like they had just finished a parkrun then run a half marathon. In the end our times were Mark (and Lisa) 1:59:00, Michal 1:15ish and Jane 2:23:01.

27th Oct - Belton Parkrun Lincolnshire, Multi-Terrain.  

There were two Town Runners volunteering as Jayne was a tail walker and Jane was funnel manager. It was very cold There were two town runners running they were -

Fred Smith 23:45 & Meg Smith 30:50.

27th Oct - Stretford Parkrun Greater Manchester, Multi-Terrain.  

Charlie Leeson 24:30.

20th Oct - Catton Parkrun North Yorkshire, Multi-Terrain.  

Charlie Leeson 24:20.

20th Oct - Belton Parkrun Lincolnshire, Multi-Terrain.  

Fred Smith 24:36, Meg Smith 30:27, Jane Winter 31:51 & Jayne MacArthur 33:47.

Thanks to Jane Winter for submitting the Reports & Results.

14th Oct - Royal Parks Half Marathon Hyde Park London, Road.  

Another race in London that requires a ballot entry, but at least only had to wait a week to find out. After missing out twice, thought I would go for a charity place as I didn't have to raise £1000s of pounds. After an unseasonably warm Saturday, Sunday (race day) was a typical wet autumn day as 16,000 runners made their way to Hyde Park. It was a well organised, well supported race that ran past such landmarks as Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square and Horse Guard Parade. The last 7 miles are around Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, so good for the supporters to see the runners several times.

Finished in a time of 2:29:12, to receive a lovely wooden leaf shaped medal and goodie bag. A t-shirt was mailed with your number, so many were wearing them on the day. An excellent race, would definitely recommend if you can get through the ballot process.

Thanks to Alistair Whitaker for his Report.

13th Oct - Bath Skyline Parkrun Somerset, Multi-Terrain. 

Charlie Leeson 26:39.

Thanks to Jane Winter for the Result.

7th Oct - Lincolnshire Athletic XC League 2018/19 Season Race 1 Woodhall Spa, Multi-Terrain.  

Conditions were perfect. The course was based around Woodhall Spa woods, there were different races according to the category of age group, for example, as I'm 48 years of Age, I was in the Vet Category section.

In the vet men's race, there was quite a pack. The distance was just over 8k, about 5.3 miles or there about. We were off, and there was a huge bottle neck at the start which meant that everyone had to stop briefly while people regrouped. Then, things started to settle down. The terrain was hard trails, and pretty good under foot for the most part, there was a couple of narrow sections where I had to jog, but, overall, it was doable. Paul Davidson was guiding, and he did a fab job as always!

We did 3 laps of the course in total, and I finished in a time of 46:33 which wasn't bad considering the type of terrain that it was!

Thanks to Mark Ellis for his Report.

6th October - Basingstoke Parkrun Hampshire, Multi-Terrain.  

Kim Ulysses 25:27.

6th Oct - Belton Parkrun Lincolnshire, Multi-Terrain.  

Meg Smith 30:39.

6th Oct - Conwy Parkrun Wales, Multi-Terrain.  

Charlie Leeson 24:40.

Thanks to Jane Winter for submitting the Results.

30th Sept - Nottingham Half Marathon Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, Road.

Four Sleaford Town Runners attended this event. Paul Freemantle acted as driver and tour manager while Angie Freemantle, Gary Britnell and Jane Winter represented the club as runners. This is a massive event; the three STR athletes were among 9,000 runners taking part, from elite athletes and super-heroes to gorillas and zombies! Such a huge number of participants calls for at least a gazillion toilets. Sadly, there were not quite a gazillion loos which led to some last minute anxiety - would we get to the end of the queue before the race started? In the event not only did we make it in time, but the start of the race was only for the most elite athletes. In fact, those in my (sub 2:30) wave of runners did not start until 13 anxious minutes after the first wave (which seemed a little unfair; surely they should have given us a head start?).

However, once the race had started the staggered times paid off as it did help to relieve the congestion that would otherwise have been intolerable, although it was apparently still pretty crowded for those running faster times. All three of us were surprised at how hilly this course turned out to be with one or two fairly long drags near the start of the course clearly designed to break our spirits; over the whole race there was a climb of 480ft! However, we were not daunted and, partly spurred on by the enthusiastic support of, it seemed, the whole of Nottingham we all kept to our game plan. We were also helped by perfect conditions which were cool and overcast with the faintest of soothing breezes accompanied once or twice by a very light cooling drizzle.

In the end we all did the club proud. Gary came in 527th place with a spectacular 1:37:14 (despite his claims that he was planning to take it easy), Angie was in 1890th position with an excellent time of 1:52:24. Jane finished in a time of 2:16:31 in 4277th place. This was a wonderful race experience and one that I would recommend to others in future years.

Thanks to Jane Winter for her Report.

29th Sept - Belton Parkrun Lincolnshire, Multi-Terrain.

One of the first frosts of the year rapidly thawed on what turned out to be a warm bright morning which was perhaps a tad warm for comfortable running but was perfect for watching. This was good news for the two Sleaford Town Runners (both called Ja(y)ne) who were volunteering in the finishing funnel. There were three runners from the club who were Charlie Leeson 24:36, Kim Ulysses (with Darcy) 27:04. Meg Smith was delighted to get her first Belton sub 30 with 29:51 (although the best is yet to come as she was used to chalking up considerably faster times at her previous 'home' parkrun in Gateshead).

29th Sept - Boston Parkrun Lincolnshire, Multi-Terrain.

Mike Folland 3:12.

Thanks to Jane Winter for the Results.

29th Sept - Rutland Water Parkrun Rutland, Multi-Terrain.

Well, conditions were perfect! There was hardly any breeze, and there was some sun which just took the chill off. Loads of people turned up, which is always the case.

The briefing was had, and we were off! I could tell I was feeling on form and I knew that we weren't hanging about, someone tried to come through on my right-hand side, I just got slightly ahead, clipping their arm as I passed. Paul Davidson was Guiding, and before I knew it, we were heading towards the finish! I finished in a time of 22:52, a new PB, which I was very pleased with!

Thanks to Mark Ellis for his Report.

22nd Sept - Belton Parkrun Lincolnshire, Multi-Terrain.  

The weather was pleasantly cool and just right for running this Saturday. Three Sleaford Town Runners turned out (four if you include Darcy!) Kim Ulysses (with Darcy) was only 3 seconds off her PB with 24:53, Charlie Leeson was just behind her with 25:02 & Jane Winter was some way behind them both with 28:40.

22nd Sept - Boston Parkrun Lincolnshire, Multi-Terrain.  

Mike Folland 33:17.

22nd Sept - Rutland Water Parkrun Rutland, Multi-Terrain.   

Mark Ellis 23:48.

15th Sept - Belton Parkrun Lincolnshire, Multi-Terrain.  

Kim Ulysses 28:26 & Meg Smith 30:36.

15th Sept - Catton Parkrun Yorkshire, Multi-Terrain.  

Charlie Leeson 24:45.

15th Sept - Medina Parkrun Isle of Wight, Hampshire, Multi-Terrain.  

The Medina course is relatively flat and mainly on close cut grass. It is in the form of a 3 loop figure of 8. For those runners who choose to pace themselves wisely I think that there would be scope for a good time. For those who are less wise it can feel like a very long 5k!

Jane Winter 28:57.

Thanks to Jane Winter for the Results.

15th Sept - Robin Hood 100 Nottinghamshire, Multi-Terrain.  

This is a fairly new event to the Hobopace event calendar. The route starts in South Wheatley and heads out towards the Chesterfield canal following the towpath all the way to Worksop. Eventually you join part of the Dukeries race route which enters into the heart of Sherwood Forest. The race loops 30 miles in Sherwood Forest twice before returning onto the same towpath. The route passes through Cresswell Crags and also takes in Clumber Park - a scenic and picturesque route.

I have to say I had considered this race for a while, but my main concern was getting lost in the forest - anyone that knows me will be aware that my navigation skills are not the best - particularly in the dark! However, I am pleased (and relieved) to say the route was well marked but there is no question that familiarising myself with the map/routes beforehand most definitely helped.

The Marshals were excellent and could not have been more helpful. The Aid Stations were frequent and well stocked and are fully Vegan so if you don't fancy jam or peanut butter you need to take your own supplies. These can be put in a drop bag which will be transported to the main Aid Station which you will pass 3 times.

All in all this is a great, well organised 100.48 mile event - the last 8 miles of which were most definitely the hardest for me.

If you are considering this event I would suggest you bear the following in mind:

• Try and run the Dukeries 30 or 40 in May as this follows almost the same route. Book early it sells out.

• Study the maps/route beforehand - it is a good idea to download to your Garmin as this could be helpful.

• Take additional lighting - it gets dark in the Forest at 2am! I used a head torch and a good hand torch.

• Take your own supplies and anything else you may need - these can be left in your drop bag.

• Get someone to drop you off and pick you up - you will not feel much like driving after 100.48 miles.

• There is a strict 30 hour cut off with 2 other cut offs at various points - if you don't meet them you will be pulled off the course.

Upon finishing you will be presented with a T-Shirt and engraved medal. Would I do it again...........yes..........definitely 😊

Thanks to Jayne MacArthur for her Report.

8th Sept - Belton Parkrun Lincolnshire, Multi-Terrain. 

The rain stopped just before this parkrun started and the conditions were lovely for running. This parkrun was particularly special as Helen had brought Muffin along for her first experience of running. Being a rescue dog, Muffin was a little overwhelmed by the experience at first but rose to the occasion beautifully. Andy Barlex 22:51, Fred Smith 27:17, Jane Winter 28:54, Meg Smith 30:12 & Helen Barker (and Muffin) 43:05.

8th Sept - Boston Parkrun Lincolnshire, Multi-Terrain.  

Mike Folland 33:54.

8th Sept - Conwy Parkrun County Borough, Wales Multi-Terrain.  

Charlie Leeson 24:09.

Thanks to Jane Winter for submitting the Results.

8th Sept - The Go Tri Mears Grantham leisure centre, Lincolnshire.  

This took place at the Mears Grantham leisure centre and track. The whole thing consisted of a 200m swim and a 3k run around the track. The 200m swim in the pool was guided by Mick Tozer who did a fantastic job. As it was 8 lengths, I was able to count how many times I reached the end of the pool, and then turn around and kick off again! The 3k run was guided by Paul Davidson who again did a fantastic job! The swim was completed in a time of 8:24, and the 3k run was completed in 13 minutes. I finished in a total time of 23 minutes 59 seconds, that includes a transition time. The support was absolutely fantastic, and the best bit, yes! Chocolate and fudge at the end!

6th Sept - The Delta Simmons Aquathlon South Hykeham, Lincoln.  

This took place at a place called Activities Away which is just the other side of Lincoln. It consisted of an 800m swim, followed by a 3k run. Mick Tozer was guiding me on the swim with a series of taps on the shoulder. Then, it was on to the 3k run around the lake, guided by Paul Davidson, who did a fantastic job! I finished the whole thing in a total time of 1 hour and 5 minutes. The atmosphere was absolutely fantastic, and the whole of the team received tremendous support!

2nd Sept - Newton's Fraction Half Marathon Grantham, Lincolnshire, Road.  

Well, what can I say about this year's Newton's Fraction Half? Hot, hot, hot! It was a gruelling race all in all! and, those massive hills, there's one at mile 6 and one at mile 10, both are just sapping, well, especially in the heat. Despite the hot conditions and taking on lots of fluids, I finished in a time of 2:05:53 which wasn't bad considering.

Thanks to Mark Ellis for his Reports.

1st Sept - Belton Parkrun Lincolnshire, Multi-Terrain.  

Kim Ulysses (and Darcy) 27:38 & Jane Winter 28:36.

1st September - Cheltenham Parkrun Gloucestershire, Multi-Terrain.   

Charlie Leeson 25:00.

Thanks to Jane Winter for submitting her Results.

25th Aug - Belton House Parkrun Lincolnshire, Multi-Terrain.  

A bank holiday weekend and unusually Belton House was having a Parkrun. Almost perfect weather for the 306 participants. Gary Britnell 22:08, Alistair Whitaker 30:57 & Mike Folland 42:41.

Thanks to Alistair Whitaker & Jane Winter for submitting the Result.

25th Aug - Wycombe Rye Parkrun Buckinghamshire, Multi-Terrain.

Jane Winter 27:46.

18th Aug - Boston Parkrun Lincolnshire, Multi-Terrain. 

Mike Folland 33:55.

Thanks to Jane Winter for submitting the Results.

18th Aug - Hell On The Humber Hull, East Yorkshire & the Humber, Road.  

This is one of the events in the HOTH Endurance Series and involves competitors completing as many 4 mile laps as possible. For the first time this year there was a 36 Hour event in addition to the usual 24, 12 and 6 Hour event. The only stipulation is that you must complete a minimum of one 4 mile lap every 3 hours.

Shaun Louth and myself took part in the 12 Hour event and completed 6 (24 Miles) and 10 (40 Miles) respectively. Sarah Whatton took part in the 6 Hour event completing 6 (24 Miles).

Thanks to Jayne MacArthur for her Report.

18th Aug - Wycombe Rye Parkrun Buckinghamshire, Multi-Terrain.  

This out and back route combines parkland, woodland and riverside as well as some gentle undulations and a steep flight of steps. I was overtaken by someone taking a telephone call!

Jane Winter 28:43.

Thanks to Jane Winter for her the Report.

11th Aug - Belton House Parkrun Lincolnshire, Multi-Terrain.  

Jane Winter 29:38.

Thanks to Jane Winter for submitting her Result.

10th Aug - Sleaford 10k Scredington, Lincolnshire, Road.  

Host Club - Sleaford Striders AC

After a long hot spell, the cooler conditions for this race were most welcome, especially since it was mainly flat and, after the first kilometre, not too crowded. Sleaford Striders were, as ever, well organised with lots of friendly marshals who never failed to shout 'Come on Townies' when they saw our distinctive red and green vests. We were also encouraged with bells, whistles and, at one point real live cheer leaders which helped to keep us smiling. The race ended with a cake fest which was well received by all, and perhaps accounted for some good times as we were spurred on by the thought. We put up a field of 11 runners. Our times were: Andy Barlex 45:52, Michal Nizler 47:33, Mark Armstrong 49:39, Mark Ellis 50:26, Kim Ulysses 58:21, Nikki Cooper 58:45, Jane Winter 59:35, Mike Folland, 1:09:39, Jo Calver 1:12:04, Steph Atherton 1:12:36 and Al Whitaker 1:17:45.

Thanks to Jane Winter for her Report.

Conditions were pretty good for the Sleaford 10k that was held Friday 10 August. The first 3k was very tricky in the sense that it was very narrow in places. Paul Davidson was guiding, and he did a fantastic job as always. I finished in the end with a time of 50:26. Not a bad result considering the first 3k. The bonus was the cake at the end which Paul and I did make the most of, having 3 slices each no less!

Thanks to Mark Ellis for his Report.

4th August - Sherwood Pines Parkrun Nottinghamshire, Multi-Terrain.  

Mike Folland 35:32.

Thanks to Jane Winter for submitting the Result.

6pm 28th Jul - 6am 29th Jul - Manvers Dusk Till Dawn Wath-Upon-Dearne, South Yorkshire, Multi-Terrain

A fairly flat(ish) 3.21 mile loop around the boating lake which is well marked and is also marshalled for the first couple of laps. At the end of each lap you get a coloured wristband and you are required to tick the lap counter sheet (no race numbers/chip timing). Each lap starts/ends at the Clubhouse where there are toilets, showers, rest facilities and plenty of food and drink all night. You can also leave a drop bag here. This event is suitable for all abilities. Medals and certificates are handed out when you have finished.

This is my third consecutive year at this event and I have to say it is one of the most friendliest with great support from event organisers and fellow runners. This year I managed a PB completing 15 laps (48.15 miles) within the 12 hour time limit - one more than previous years.

This really is a great little event for £15.00 which includes camping (if required) and all the food you can eat.

Thanks to Jayne MacArthur for her Report.

22nd Jul - Northampton Lucky Dip Brackmills Reservoir, Northampton, Multi-Terrain.

Six hour timed challenge event over a mix of high quality cycle paths and grassy trail along the River Nene. Well stocked aid station which you pass every 5.2 miles. As this event was a 'lucky dip' you picked your medal of choice upon finishing. It's the second time Shaun and I have done this event this year and yet again the temperature on the day was very high with no shade on the course.

Shaun Louth 15.5 miles & Jayne MacArthur 26.2 miles.

Thanks to Jayne MacArthur for her Report.

21st Jul - Upton House Parkrun Warwickshire, Multi-Terrain.  

Andy Barlex 24:02.

14th Jul - Belton House Parkrun Lincolnshire, Multi-terrain.  

Lisa Shona 22:13.

14th Jul - Bushy Park Parkrun London, Multi-terrain.  

Mike Folland 37:16.

Thanks to Jane Winter for submitting the Results.

7th Jul - Peterborough Parkrun Multi-Terrain.

Thought I would do a bit of Parkrun tourism and visited Peterborough Parkrun at Ferry Meadows / Nene Park. A flat course and no laps!! Firstly you run a 1km loop around one lake before going back to the start, then a big loop around another lake. If you are slow (like me), you will see that faster running towards you at one point. I had done 2km, they were almost at 4km!

A busy parkrun with 539 runners, I finished in a time of 31:32. Only think to bear in mind if you want to go, is that you have to pay for parking. Only £1 as long as you use a code.

Thanks to Alistair Whitaker for his Report.

30th Jun / 1st Jul - Mizuno Endure24 Bramham Park, Leeds, Multi-Terrain.  

12:00 Noon Saturday Start.

Solo Runners, Pairs, Small & Large Teams. The concept is easy, run as many 5 mile loops as you want/wish in 24 hrs. First experience at Endure24, which is held over two weekends Reading & Leeds. It's very busy, with a great atmosphere! I was happy to complete 40 miles over all, felt I could have done a lot more however blisters got the better of me despite my best efforts of prevention!

2019 is open already, both events are a quick sell out with a Reading having to take on a ballot now for Solo places.

Thanks to Helen Barker

1st July - Lincoln 10k Lincoln, Lincolnshire, Road.

Every race report that I write seems to start with a comment on the very hot weather; and the 2018 Lincoln 10k is no exception as it was already baking hot when the race started at 9:30. This is a case of one extreme to the other as the event was originally organised for the 18th March but was postponed due to snow and icy conditions. There were three Sleaford Town Runners taking part although we each thought that we were the only one until we recognised each other's racing vests while we gathering at the start of the race.

In an attempt to get a better time than my two previous 10k road races this year I tried performance enhancing drugs for the first time (aka caffeine). Our times were Harriet Holmes 1:18:59, Stanley Thornton 1:13:00 and myself, Jane Winter, 1:03:32 a personal worse for the year which just goes to show that drugs are not the answer.

There were lots of pollen beetles about and I was very pleased that STR do not have yellow or orange tops. I also learned not to run behind someone in a yellow or orange vest as they are followed by a cloud of insect life!

Thanks to Jane Winter for her Report.

30th Jun - Basingstoke Parkrun Hampshire, Multi-Terrain.

Kim Ulysses 30:52.

30th Jun - Boston Parkrun Lincolnshire, Multi-Terrain. 

Mike Folland 32:37.

Thanks to Jane Winter for submitting the Results.

24th Jun - Grimsthorpe Gallop Grimsthorpe - various distances, mixed terrain. 

A very hot and sunny day in the beautiful Grimsthorpe Castle estate. Excellent event run by SBR, which various distances 5k, 10k, 10 miles and Half Marathon, with a couple of Canine Cross races. 5 STR runners took part:

10 km - Michal Nizler 48:10 (10th Overall) and Emma Winter 1:12:37.

10 mile - Jayne MacArthur 2:17:45 and Alistair Whitaker 2:17:45.

Half Marathon - Mike Folland 2:53:04.

All runners were given an amazing medal. A lovely local event, would highly recommend for next year.

Thanks to Alistair Whitaker for his Report.

22nd Jun - Summer Solstice 10k Long Bennington, Lincolnshire, Road. 

Host Club - Grantham Running Club

Another warm one, even though it started at 7:30 in the evening. There was a lovely atmosphere with music playing in the field where we gathered at the start of the race. There were six Sleaford Town Runners taking part although the field was so crowded that we did not manage to find each other. I am told that it is a fast course, and indeed some of the others did manage stunning times. These were Gary Britnell 43:35, Andy Barlex 45:45, Mark Armstrong 49:43, Mark Ellis 53:07, Louise Mccauley: 57:58 and Jane Winter 1:03:15.

Thanks to Jane Winter for her Report.

Well, it was the Summer Solstice 10 K Race on 23rd June 2018 and myself, and Paul Davidson who was guiding were going to attempt to run this race, untethered. This means not using the guiding tether at all, but be totally dependent on sound alone! For actual sound, we used a set of bells, and music from a Mobile phone. The way this was going to work was that I would just simply track and follow the sound of the music or the bells, or even both.

The day arrived, and we all lined up. For safety reasons, we started right at the back of the field, then, we were off! I started off very steadily at around 9:30 per mile, just until I could gage the crowd round me, and settle in to a steady rhythm! The second mile we were down to around 9:6 per mile, and we seemed to go progressively quicker, and, before I knew it, I was getting in to my zone, and finding opportunities to pass people in the field making sure that I kept to my line and keeping the sound of the bells and the music in my left ear. The sense of freedom I felt was absolutely amazing! Paul would look out for the clear stretches of road up a head, and would just give the command, "ok you can open up!" Well, I needed no encouragement, at one point we were down to 7:59 per mile so, just under 8 minute miling! the exileration was just out of this world!

We finished in a time of 53:07. I think that if we didn't have the odd car to contend with, we would've been well inside 52 minutes, maybe even 51 minutes. In closing, I'll say that if other people that are Blind or visually impaired and they feel they want to take up running, then, I hope this is a help, and it inspires them in to taking those first steps!

Thanks to Mark Ellis for his Report.

16/17th Jun - Rat Race The Wall Cumbria to Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

69 miles through historic Hadrian's Wall Country in a fully supported and way marked event. Great atmosphere, amazing support and absolutely beautiful scenery. The route takes you from Carlisle to Newcastle with some truly breath-taking scenery together with some decent hills - 1,492 ft. to be exact. This was my first time at this event but I was in good hands as it was Sarah Whatton's third appearance. The weather was very changeable going from warm to be soaked and taking cover under trees. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed this run and would definitely do it again although with the cost of entry fees, travel and hotel accommodation it is a little on the pricey side.

Sadly most of the trackers did not work which was very frustrating but I am happy to report that Sarah and I finished in just over 19 hours and I can honestly say that a vegetable curry at 2.15am has never tasted so good.

What an adventure!

Thanks to Jayne MacArthur for her Report.

16th Jun - Belton House Parkrun Grantham, Lincolnshire, Multi-Terrain. 

Jane Winter 29:48.

16th Jun -The Trip to London!

I attended the Metro Games which was held at the Mile End Stadium which was held on the 16th of June. Myself, Paul Davidson, Janice his Wife, and Netty all set off for the big smoke on Friday to be ready for the games on the Saturday afternoon. While we were there, we thought it was a good idea to check out the Mile End Parkrun on the Saturday morning. So, we rose up early from our student accommodation and after a hearty breakfast, (which we couldn't possibly not resist!) off we trogged! The start was very congested, and it was slightly hilly in places, but, after climbing the hills and me shouting at a bike to come through about 3 or 4 times, we finished in a time of 25:20 which wasn't bad going considering.

Then, it was on to the Metro games itself. This was an event specifically for blind and visually impaired athletes. The atmosphere was absolutely amazing! I had entered the 5000 meters, but, what Paul Davidson forgotten was that he had actually entered me for the 800 meters as well! That was the first event. I wasn't really expecting anything as I had never run that shorter distance before. so, we were on our marks, then "bang!" we were off. I suddenly felt this burst of energy from somewhere! the wind upon my face! and before we knew it, the bell was ringing for the second lap! I could tell my breath getting shorter and my chest was on fire, but, I kept it going! Then Paul gasped, "100 meters!" I sprang forward! then we crossed the line in 3:11. I had achieved 3rd place and a Bronze Medal! For a few minutes, I was silent, it's amazing what can happen in 3 minutes and 11 seconds! I thought.

Then it was the 4 x 100 Meter relay. This was only a fun event, but we finished in 4th place with that. Then, it was the 5000 Meters. I finished in a time of 23:21 20 seconds or so off my PB. I think the legs were feeling slightly heavy after park running in the morning, then the 800 Meters and the relay before, but still not a bad time.

That was a great day all round, and its one that I won't be forgetting in a hurry!

Thanks to Mark Ellis for his Report.

10th Jun - Melton Mowbury Half Marathon Road.

Organised by 'Road 2 Recovery' (charity) 10:30am Start

In its 3rd year, first time I've ran this event. Took 1 hour to get there, very easy to find and get parked up at Eye Kettleby Lakes. Well organised start (although ran behind in time). There is a Fun Run, 5K and also a 10K for those not wishing to run the Half Marathon. Small numbers in each field, this isn't a big event. The route takes you out on to the local roads which are not closed and were quite busy, especially with the other distances being ran, the first 2-3 miles you had to have your wits about you as cars and other runners dashed past. However once the Half Marathon Route split off, it was very quiet. The route is hilly from the onset with no let ups.

There was a well-stocked good bag/ medal for all finishers, Half Marathoners also received a T Shirt (cheap and nasty, no date or distance mentioned?!). Over all good, I ran really well and had a great time up to mile 12, the last mile takes you past the finish line and all around the lakes and seems to last forever, at this time I was really hot and finally started to lose the will to finish and my time slipped away from as had to walk.

I was pleased the ice cream van was still there, also there was a band, family entertainment and hog roast for everyone. 2:55.18hrs.

Thanks to Helen Barker for her Report.

9th June - Belton House Parkrun Grantham, Lincolnshire, Multi-Terrain.

Hadn't been to Parkrun since February so it was lovely to return on Saturday. Nice gentle run, 37:50.

Thanks to Helen Barker for her Report.

9th Jun - Van'Elnor 10k Barkston, Lincolnshire, Trail.

A lovely new event with stepping stones and a hill! Seven Sleaford Town Runners turned up, although Jayne McArthur was marshalling rather than running; the rest of us were very pleased to be cheered on by her half way round the course. Our times were Mark Armstrong: 56:26, Abigail Francis: 1:00:40, Nikki Cooper 1:08:09, Jane Winter: 1:08:39, Barbara Campbell 1:09:06 and Clare Bergner: 1:35:00.

Thanks to Jane Winter for her Report.

3rd Jun - Woodhall Spa 10k Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire, Road.  

Seven Sleaford Town Runners turned out on this very hot day. Andy Barlex came in first for STR with a time of 44:04. Michal Nizler was hot on his heels at 44:43 and then Mark Ellis at 49:56. They were followed by Jane Winter 1:01:58, Stan Thornton 1:13:56, Jo Calver 1:14:04 and Jackie Crossland 1:14:34. Although they all did very well none of them did as well as the runner who completed the course in a large fluffy elephant costume!

Thanks to Jane Winter for her Report.

2nd June - Boston Parkrun Lincolnshire, Multi-Terrain. 

Well, what can I say about this morning's parkrun at Boston? "Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain as you splash through the puddles!" Myself and Paul Davidson who was guiding, started off to Boston, thinking, "ooh, what a nice run it'll be!" We arrived in good time, and chatted to a few folks, then about 15 minutes before the start, the heaven's opened! We sheltered for a while under a tree, and other people gathered round us. My shirt was so wet, that you could literally ring it out like a flannel! Just for a bit of light banter I demonstrated this, and said "hmm, we could all have a park run wet T shirt competition!" To which there was much laughing, then we were all called to the start line for a very quick briefing, then we were off. Well, puddles galore! and dealing with long wet grass in some parts, and a few little tree routes.

Despite this, I managed to finish in a time of 26:56 which, I guess wasn't a bad morning considering what we had to deal with, and I came 3rd in my age category so, there we go.

Thanks to Mark Ellis for his Report.

22nd May - LWAC 5k Race Series Race 1 Yarborough Leisure Centre, Lincoln, Road.

Host Club - Lincoln Wellington AC

This is very popular (there is a 3K and 5K race) and you need to get there early if you want to find a parking space! I eventually found my way to register and received my race number for the series of races. There is a race track to warm up on (just stay out of the way of LWAC people doing speedies!) whilst you wait for the 19:30 start which was not announced - everyone just started drifting towards the start line. Once we set off it was an all-out sprint (just like speedies but without the recovery); it consists of 3 ¾ laps around a large grassed area on a wide path so overtaking is easy as is being overtaken! After 21 mins 43 secs I could stop, and it felt great. It is a bit overwhelming the first time as you find your way around but a good event if you want to try and improve your 5K time as there is always someone in front for you to chase, even if it is the person who has just lapped you!

20th May - Deeping 10K Road Race Deeping St James, Road.

Organised by Deeping Rotary Club

This is a relatively low-key event (only 177 runners!) but was well organised and there was food, drink and events on for the supporters whilst the run was on. Another hot day, I did the school boy error of setting off too fast and for too long, so I ran out of steam just after halfway but managed to keep going and finished in 45:23. A flat course and one for those chasing a good time, just don't go out too fast!

Thanks to Andy Barlex for the above Reports.

12th May - Basingstoke Parkrun Hampshire, Multi-Terrain.

Kim Ulysesse (and Darcy): 24:47.

Thanks to Jane Winter for submitting the result.

12th May - Belton House Parkrun Grantham, Lincolnshire, Multi-Terrain.

Sleaford Town Runners turned out in force for this one lured by the promise of breakfast at Belton garden centre afterwards. Andy Barlex achieved a PB with a time of 22:06, followed by Jane Winter: 28:15, Louise Maccauley: 30:34, Mike Folland: 31:21, Al Whitaker 33:35, Jayne Macarthur 33:35 and Jo Calver 33:44.

Thanks to Jane Winter & Alistair Whitaker for submitting the report.

12th May - The Dirty Weekend at Burghley House (Wave 9, 10:15am) Stamford, Lincolnshire. 

Multi-Terrain, Full - 20 Miles/200+ Obstacles, Half - 13 Miles 

Organised by: RatRace

Brilliant day with Fluffy and friends. A busy well organised event, which starts on the Friday attracting over 7000 runners. The course takes you around the estate presenting an assortment of obstacles to be tackled along the way. Fluffy and I gave it our best shot, swimming though lakes, wading through swamps, jumping from heights and too many cargo nets to be mentioned.

So proud of each and every runner in the team, we all over came fears and all came away with Mucker Medals! A full day out times not really relevant on the day, saying that we were pleased to slide through the finish line 9:08 hrs after we started having clocked well over 20 miles.

Thanks to Helen Barker for her Report.

6 May - Langtoft 10k nr Market Deeping, Peterborough, Road. 

This is always a great race for a good time. The weather was very warm, and a slight breeze made good running conditions, there were 3 Sleaford Town Runners Jo Calver, Stan Thornton and me. I had a great race coming in 48th overall and knocking off 31 seconds off my PB in an official time of 44:00, next across the line was Stan Thornton in a time of 1:13:40 and then Jo in a time of 1:15:23. Nice little medal and plenty of water at the end.

Thanks to Gary Britnell for his Report.

6th May - Sleaford Half Marathon Lincolnshire Multi-Terrain. 

Fortunately, this race started at a relatively early 9:45 because it was an extremely hot day and running in the afternoon would have been even more challenging! Despite the heat, Robert Griffiths scorched home in an amazing 1:27:18. He was followed by Andy Barlex 1:42:52, Michal Nizler 1:43:03 (a PB), Simon Lunn 1:54:55, Angie Freemantle 1:57:26, Tracy Parr 59:44, Paul Freemantle 2:01:22 and last, Jane Winter 2:19:08 (a PB). All agreed that this was a well organised race with a good supply of water, jelly babies and friendly marshals. Next year Jane promises not to keep everyone waiting so long at the end.

Thanks to Jane Winter for her Report.

5th May - Cakeathon Brackmills Reservoir, Northampton, Multi-Terrain. 

Hosted by Saxons, Normans and Vikings Running

The event is a six-hour timed challenge event. Complete as many loops as you wish within the time limit. Run one lap, a half marathon, a marathon, an ultra! Following the huge success of our runs in Kent SVN are now having to expand to cope with the demand and the number one request was can there be more outside of Kent, so here it is. Middle of England, Northampton! SVN were very kindly offered to take over the route from the excellent Madeyarun folk and jumped at the opportunity to add an SVN twist to this excellent route and venue! The course is a mix of very high quality bike paths and grassy trails along the River Nene and around several flood reservoirs, so plenty of wildlife and views to be seen. It's pretty flat, only about 50' of climb per lap. As usual there was a well stocked aid station which you pass every 5.2 miles, a unique custom made medal and a goody bag that actually contains goodies which will make the undulations and any mud more than worth it. Shaun Louth completed 2.5 laps which is just over a Half Marathon Distance, Louise McCauley 4 laps 20+ miles and Jayne MacArthur completed 5 laps and an add on to make it Marathon distance.

Thanks to Shaun Louth for his Report.

3rd May - Barnby in the Willows (Near Newark) 7pm start.  

Organised by Mud and Miles.

Free to attend, evening social run in conjunction with the Lincolnshire Runner and Hoka. 40 runners took to trails, taking on either 3 or 5 miles. Short tough muddy run, followed by cake and the chance to buy discounted Hoka trainers.

29th Apr - Denton Village Hall (Vale of Belvoir) - Sunday Morning Trail Runs (Monthly)  

Organised by 'Mud and Miles'

Every month Mud and Miles organise a monthly trail run covering a distance between 10 and 12 miles. This is the second Sunday run I've attended, they have both been tough runs with plenty of hills and mud involved. Rachel the organiser ensures that nobody is left behind and also spends time with each runner with some free coaching.

10 Runners attended this event. Cost is £10.00, with a free map. A great motivation to get out without the race day pressure.

Thanks to Helen Barker for her Reports.

28th Apr- Belton House Parkrun Grantham, Lincolnshire, Multi-Terrain.

Kimmy Kim & Darcy 29: 44.

28th Apr- Boston Parkrun Boston, Lincolnshire, Multi-Terrain.

Mike Foland: 31:47.

Thanks to Jane Winter for submitting the Results.

22nd Apr - Longhorn 10k Thoresby Hall, Nottinghamshire, Trail.

Organised by - SBR Events

This is a very large event (as could be seen by the long line waiting for the toilets! Thank goodness for the woods nearby!) There were multiple events on from 10K to ultra and even separate cani-cross. All in-all it was well organised providing you did what the lady with the mega-phone shouted. Once underway it became clear that the ground was firm despite recent rain and the 10k route was one loop through the woods back to the start. I managed a respectable 48:39 with Michal right on my heels in 50:05.

Longhorn Half Marathon - This followed much of the 10k route but was 2 loops. Abi finished in 2:17:42 along-side Tracy Parr who now sports a Lincoln District Runners top!

Thanks to Andy Barlex for his Report.

15th Apr - Grantham Cup 10k at Belton Horse Trials, Lincolnshire, Multi-Terrain.

Sleaford Town Runners had 6 runners in the Grantham Cup this year, all wanting a good time although the heavy recent rains were going to make it a challenge. It was a great race with a medal, banana, drink, crisps, sweets and a bottle of beer at the end.

All finish in good times for the conditions with the following times: Gary Britnell 49:53, Andy Barlex 52:05, Michal Nizler 52:52, Mark Armstrong 59:32, Barbara Campbell 1:12:28 & Helen Barker 1:32:15.

Thanks to Gary Britnell for his Report.

14th Apr- Basingstoke Parkrun Hampshire, Multi-Terrain.

Kimmy Kim: 27:10.

Thanks to Jane Winter for submitting the Result.

14th Apr - The Betteshangar Marathon Betteshanger Country Park, Deal, Kent.

Hosted by Normans, Saxons and Vikings

Off to Kent I went again to attempt marathon number 52.

Normans, Saxons and Vikings hire a two mile tarmac cycle track for the day at The Betteshanger Country Park. The Betteshanger Marathon has an aid station every 2 miles, a line painted on the track to follow if you're worried about navigation, is pretty flat and has a near perfect wide tarmac surface.

This is a really flat and fast course with massive PB potential for runners in form. The 2 mile loop could get boring for runners unless you can switch off. As with all these events it was a very friendly group of runners and the medal and goody was very impressive. I will definitely return to conquer this one again.

Thanks to Shaun Louth for his Report.

8th April - ASICS Greater Manchester Marathon Road.

Manchester Marathon is a well organised event for those looking for a fairly flat, fast course. Conditions on the day were very good with some great crowd support along the route. There are frequent water stops some of which providing energy gels. There are also a number of porta loos on the course. Lou and myself stayed in The Holiday Inn Express Salford Quays which was very handy for start/ finish. Great hotel providing early breakfast on Marathon day with a good selection of food. Plenty of places to eat on the Quayside and the added benefit of a shopping outlet.

Louise McCauley 4:51 (PB), Jayne MacArthur 4:55.

Thanks to Jayne MacArthur for her Report.

8th Apr - Friskney Half Marathon Friskney, Boston, Lincolnshire, Road.

Host Club - Boston & District AC

Angie Freemantle 1:53:23, Kim Ulysses 2:00:24, Jane Winter 2:19:34 & Paul Freemantle 2:19:59.

Result submitted by Paul Freemantle.

7th April - Boston Parkrun Boston, Lincolnshire, Multi-Terrain.

Mike Folland: 32:52.

Thanks to Jane Winter for submitting the Result.

31st Mar - Boston Parkrun Boston, Lincolnshire, Multi-Terrain.

Mike Foland: 34:09.

Thanks to Jane Winter for submitting the Result.

24th Mar - Belton House Parkrun Grantham, Lincolnshire, Multi-Terrain.

Kimmy Kim: 26:18 & Jackie Crossland: 35:56

24th Mar - Boston Parkrun Boston, Lincolnshire, Multi-Terrain.

Mike Foland 43:22.

Thanks to Jane Winter for submitting the Results.

24th Mar - Rutland Water Parkrun Leicestershire, Oakham, Tarmac paths. 

Well, I attended Rutland water Parkrun on Saturday 24th March as it was a special visually impairment day where guide running was being promoted and, where parkrun is making gains to make running accessible to all. I had 5 people that took turns in guiding me during the run which was fantastically done, everyone worked together as a team. I finished in a time of 26 minutes and 18 seconds, not bad considering that different people were taking turns at guiding.

Thanks to Mark Ellis for his Report.

17th Mar - Basingstoke Parkrun Hampshire, Multi-Terrain.

Kimmy Kim made sure that she was nearer the front of the field to escape the bottlenecks this week and achieved 26:40.

Thanks to Jane Winter for submitting the Result.

11th Mar - Retford Half Marathon Retford, Nottinghamshire, Road. 

Host Club - Retford Athletic Club

Angie & I have run this race for many years and despite the inclines (I like to say hills) we keep returning for more pain! Griff Griffiths ran this event for the first time and improved his personal best further finishing in an excellent time of 1:25:03. Angie Freemantle like us all, had her training curtailed thanks to the 'Beast from the East' and a week away looking for vampires at Whitby! That said she appeared comfortable finishing in 1:55:39. My training had been hampered further with a bout of Man Flu and although I was more than pleased to just dip under two hours in 1:59:24 my muscles however, are still screaming at me two days on!

Report submitted by Paul Freemantle.

10th March - Basingstoke Parkrun Hampshire, Multi-Terrain.

Kimmy Kim really struggled because of crowds and bottlenecks but still managed 30:09.

Thanks to Jane Winter for submitting the Result.

10th Mar - The Viking Challenge Reculver, Kent, Multi-Terrain.

Hosted by Normans, Saxons and Vikings

This event is a 100 mile challenge which runs alongside 6 or 24 hours endurance run on 6.2 mile loops. Complete as many 6.2 mile loops as you wish in the time limit. The course is a mix of tarmac roads (about 2%), decent trail (about 10%), not quite so decent trail (about 5%), and the rest is high quality concrete and tarmac farm roads and bike paths, so an awful lot of it is on good runnable surfaces and its pretty flat, about 250' a lap with some lovely views across the Kent Countryside towards Reculver, Thanet, a railway line and the A299. OK, confession, the A299 not quite so lovely, but it's something to look at and does make access to the location really simple as only half a mile from a major road. Shaun Louth and Jayne MacArthur took the 3 hour drive to Kent to take part in this event. Although these events are a good drive away they are so friendly, low key and pressure free. Also, there isn't a better goody bag or medal anywhere in the UK for your money. Shaun completed marathon distance and Jayne completed 8 laps to notch up an amazing 50 miles and yet another Ultra.

Thanks to Shaun Louth for his Report.

25th Feb - Clumber Park Trust 10k National Trust, Worksop, Nottinghamshire Trail & Tarmac Paths.

Cold and fresh, made perfect running conditions. These were our recorded gun times, Kimmy Kim 58:53 (with Darcy Dog), Jo Calver 1.15:09, Lindsey Winwood 1.17:06 & Helen Barker 1.17:31.

Thanks to Helen Barker for her Report. 

24th Feb - Belton House Parkrun Grantham, Lincolnshire, Multi-Terrain.

Kim Ulysses 26:37 & Helen Barker 36:26.

Thanks to Helen Barker for her Result.

17th Feb - Belton House Parkrun Grantham, Lincolnshire, Multi-Terrain.

This week Kim Ulysses ran the course (without Darcy the dog's help) in an amazing 24:50; she was not so closely followed by Jackie Crossland and Jane Winter with times of 35:22 and 27:59 respectively. They agreed not to compare themselves with Kim, but with all of the other ladies 'of a certain age' who don't run at all! Mike Folland ran at Boston with a time of 33:15.

Thanks to Jane Winter for her Report.

17th Feb - Boston Parkrun Boston, Lincolnshire, Multi-Terrain.

Well, completed Boston Parkrun this morning, finished in a total time of 26 minutes 19 seconds, this was a new PB for this particular course. Parts of it are on Grass, and there's the odd tree route to navigate so, not bad considering. Also, according to the email that I received from Parkrun I was 25th altogether out of a field of 114 Runners, and I came first in my Age category 45 to 49 so, not a bad morning run all in all!

Thanks to Mark Ellis for his Report.

10th Feb - Belton House Parkrun Grantham, Lincolnshire, Multi-Terrain.

Three Town Runners turned out for the Belton Parkrun this week. Our newest recruit, Sam Warby, came in at 27:22, closely followed by Kim Ulysses at 27:28. Jane Winter finished in 28:04. Kim's result does not reflect the speed that she actually ran as Darcy the Dog decided that she was just not in the mood for a run today and would prefer a stroll with the aptly named 'tail walker'. Consequently, after much shenanigans Kim was right at the back, behind all of the walkers, four minutes into the run! She overtook Jane half way around the second lap and soon disappeared into the distance! Darcy seemed to enjoy her trip out but is now on probation to see if she can be trusted to come to future running events.

Thanks to Jane Winter for her Report.

11th Feb - Mud and Miles Guided Coaching Trail Run 11.4 Miles, Woolsthorpe-By-Belvoir, Newark.

Having seen this advertised locally I thought it would be a great fun to join in and push me slightly harder than going out alone. I met up with the organiser just before 10am and was joined by 7 other runners all various abilities.

We were then were taken off through the many trail paths surrounding the Vale of Belvoir, I don't know the area that well so it was lovely to be shown the paths and trails that were available to us. The organisers also spent time with each and every runner coaching them and advising them on shared best practice. Yes, you can access these paths at any-time of the year for free however if you want great company and full support of being out on a very tough trail run where you are being coached I would certainly recommend these social running groups as a great alternative to race days.

Mud and Miles are a local company which organise a variety of events on a weekly and monthly basis, around Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, and Leicestershire ranging from £3 to £10.

Helen Barker - 2.46 hrs.

Thanks to Helen Barker for her Report.

3rd February - Basingstoke Parkrun The War Memorial Park, Basingstoke, Hampshire, Multi-Terrain.  

Darcy and Kim Ulysses were at Basingstoke where they achieved a time of 27:12.

Thanks to Jane Winter for submitting the Result.

28th Jan - The Cakeathon Penistone, Sheffield. Hosted by Normans, Saxons and Vikings. Multi-Terrain.

Jayne MacArthur and Shaun Louth had a road trip 90 mins drive away up to Penistone Nr Sheffield. The course is part of the Trans - Pennine Way on pretty decent trail. Navigation is simple as basically you're on an old railway line, there are no turns, just a few gentle curves and you run along to the turnaround and then head back again!

Just remember the golden rules

• Don't miss the turnaround!

• Watch out for any cyclists or walkers who may be out on path, its not a closed route.

This is a timed event, not a fixed distance event. If you complete at least one lap, then you are an official finisher and will receive a Cakeathon medal, a goody bag and an official finish in the results. If you want to complete the marathon distance, then you'll need to complete 6 loops, a half marathon would be 3 loops, an ultra will be 7 loops or more and we'll have 50k option too.

Jayne completed 6 loops and a marathon and Shaun completed 3 loops and a half marathon.

Thanks to Shaun Louth for his Report.

27th Jan - Belton House Parkrun Grantham, Lincolnshire, Multi-Terrain.  

On the 27th January Darcy (accompanied by her person, Kim Ulysses), Jane Winter and Rachel Pledge attended Belton Parkrun. Darcy is a very intelligent dog who has trained her person to pull her along (unlike those foolish cani-cross dogs who waste their energy dragging people around the course). This week, with Kim's help, Darcy managed a time of 28:22, Jane 29:12 and Rachel 39:05.

Thanks to Jane Winter for her Report.

27th Jan - Waterway 30 miles South Wheatley, Nottinghamshire, Multi-Terrain.

Mud mud mud mud ohhh more mud. Trying not to fall in canal. DNF got to 15miles and we all stopped. To much MUD, would I do I again NO! 

Helen Barker & Tracey Du-Feu.

Thanks to Fluffy for her Report.

24th Jan - Lincolnshire Wolds Head Torchers Run Moot Hall, Holton-Le-Moor, Lincolnshire,


So, I ventured out to the small village of Holton-Le-Moor to join a group of headtorch runners. The evening was surprisingly mild and everyone was really friendly. There was a choice of a 5 or 7 mile run, both of which involved boggy fields, ditches and styles.

Opting for the 7 miler off we went. It was quite a vision to see over 30 runners all in a variety of colours of Hi-Viz with bright headtorches. The run was a real adventure with some very steep hills. On the descent from one very high hill there was almost a vertical drop, with boggy, slippery mud. Trainers were almost lost on a number of occasions and I almost face planted 4 times. It was more of a slide down the hills and often out of control. In the quiet night all that could be heard was laughter and screams, as people struggled through knee deep mud. The organisation was fantastic and the lead runner and back runner made sure everyone could run at their own pace (or wade through the mud!).

The run ended at Moot Hall, which is a very unusual but beautiful building. We were rewarded with a roaring open fire and a meal of chilli con carne and cake! What a fantastic evening and all for £5.00. I will certainly be doing more of these! Now off to clean the trainers.

Thanks to Tracy Parr for her Report.

20th Jan - Belton House Parkrun Grantham, Lincolnshire, Multi-Terrain.  

15th Belton House parkrun, and a PB of 25:33 - over a minute faster than the old one from September ☺️ Rachel Pledge also ran (37:35), and Jane Winter was there volunteering as a marshal. Thanks for the speed training, which I know has helped!

Thanks to Kim Ulysses for her Report.

20th Jan - Boston Parkrun Lincolnshire, Multi-Terrain.  

Well, it was my third visit to Boston Parkrun. It was a cold and frosty morning but, very clear conditions. Paul Davidson was guiding. We had to take great care not to slip on the icy patches that were around. It wasn't a bad turn out overall, I think there was about 140 participants overall. Taking the icy parts into consideration and the off-road sections, we finished in a time of 27 minutes 56 seconds.

Thanks to Mark Ellis for his Report.

20th Jan - Holme Pierrepont 6 Hour Challenge Nottinghamshire, Road.

Very friendly event organised by 'Its Grim Up North Running'. Event consists of 3-mile laps around the Water Park with little bits added should you wish to do exact distance i.e. HM, FM. As mentioned well organised, good food stop, encouraging marshals, great goody bag and Medal.........oh and the chocolate fudge - amazing! The weather was wet and cold but thankfully not windy. Happily, managed Marathon distance well within the time and did contemplate another lap or 2 but the call of hot chocolate and indoor loos was too much. This is my second Marathon here in as many months - would I do it again..........not sure.

Thanks to Jayne MacArthur for her Report.

20th Jan - The Ranscombe Winter Challenge Ranscombe Nature Farm, Cuxton, Rochester.  Multi-Terrain. Hosted by Normans, Saxons and Vikings.

Shaun Louth had a weekend trip to Kent to take part in this challenge. This is an 8 hour challenge on 4.4 mile loops. It's a challenging trail run on the North Downs (in fact a part of the route is on the North Downs Way) on a mixture of single track, wide double track through fields and woodland. There are some lovely views and whilst there are some hills there are also some very runnable down hills also!

Due to the weather conditions I personally really struggled with the course. The whole route was a mud bath and I spent so much time trying not to fall that this really wasn't enjoyable. My first lap took 1 hour 45 mins to get round and the second lap was nearer 2 hours because I fell a couple of times too. After 2 laps I had had enough, rang the bell and received my bling and amazing goody bag as usual. I will definitely be back to tackle this route in dryer conditions but I am never doing the winter event again.

Thanks to Shaun Louth for his Report.

13th Jan - Belton House Parkrun Grantham, Lincolnshire, Multi-Terrain.

There were five Sleaford Town Runners at Belton Parkrun despite the cold weather. Encouraged by Kim I managed to get 27:45, Kim, who could have gone considerably faster if she hadn't been with me, came in at 27:49, Clare got a PB at 37:09, Rachel Pledge got 39:41 and hot on her heels was Helen at 39:51. Other Town runners at parkruns this week were Mike Folland at Boston with 33:19 and Griff, at Beeston parkrun 28:15.

Thanks to Jane Winter for her Report.

13th January - Belton House Parkrun Grantham, Lincolnshire, Multi-Terrain.

Fluffy did park run. Much faster. It was blooming freezing. 5km 37.09.

Thanks to Clare (Fluffy) Bergner for her Report.